Michael Welch vastab fännide küsimustele

17 08 2009

Michael Welch

Buzznet esitas ridamisi küsimusi fännidelt Michael Welchile – Mike Newton nii “Videvikus” kui ka “Noorkuus” –, kes kõigile ilusad vastused andis.

Jolene Tangerine: What do you think would be your vampire power if you had one?

Michael Welch: Well that depends. Can I create a new power or do I have to choose one that already exists? If I could make my own, I would either want to fly or shoot lasers out of my eyes! Oh yeah. If I had to pick one that already exists, I would either want to see into the future like Alice or be a BA tracker like James. I know I’m not supposed to, but I love James.

Breesays: What are three songs or bands in general that are pumping you up right now?

Michael Welch: What I’m REALLY pumped about is Pearl Jam’s newest album, Backspacer, coming out in September. Pearl Jam is my all time favorite band and I think they’re getting better and better, like a fine wine. I’ve been listening to a lot of Rage Against the Machine lately. They’ll get your veins pumping. And of course, Eminem’s latest album is just ridiculous, as always. Gotta love Em!

Loe tervet intervjuud Buzznetist.



One response

17 08 2009

tuleb tunnistada, et nalja oskab ta teha, ma vähkresin naerukrampides laua all kui ma lugesin, et mida ta ütleks Bellale ja Edwardile kui ta neid näeks. 😀

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