Taylor Lautner on MTV Man of The Year #4 kohal

19 12 2009

Mtv News’ valis Taylor Lautneri 4ndale kohale! 😉

”Sure enough, his casting proved to be the right move, as “New Moon” not only broke the midnight screening record previously held by “Harry Potter,” but also went on to become the third-highest opening weekend on record. So convincing was his portrayal of Jacob, in fact, that some Twilighters thought he deserved an Oscar nomination. Now, with “Eclipse” set for release next year, and the possible two-movie split of “Breaking Dawn” on the horizon, Taylor’s future only looks brighter.

Some of you might be thinking: It was a great year for the “Twilight” stars, but how could Taylor finish higher in our rankings than Kristen or Rob? Well, for starters, his stock had a further journey to soar, and soar it did. Now he’s a household name who recently achieved the honor of hosting “Saturday Night Live,” the first “Twilight” star to do so. He spent the night making us laugh and partying into the wee hours, and now Hollywood seems on the verge of giving the muscle-bound rising star his own franchise. These days, it seems like it’s Taylor’s world — and we’re all just living in it.”

Kindlasti on see hea koht Taylorile ning meie jaoks on Taylor, Rob, Kristen jt. alati #1 kohal! 🙂




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