Fantastiline fännivideo Noorkuust: in which they kiss consume

4 04 2010

See on üks parimaid fännivideosid ”Noorkuust”, paljusid on see video isegu nutma ajanud. Kuidas Sinuga? 🙂



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10 06 2019
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10 06 2019
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16 05 2019
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11 05 2019
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Too often the “bean counters” usually are telling us how we usually
are falling short. They come up with a number of scheme to
get us to determine more patients than we could reasonably
see or the best way to “create” more procedures than are
called for. This is bottom-line or practice-centered medicine as my opinion is unethical
and also immoral. It is also outside of what we are called
to do and is unnecessary and counter to a wholesome practice.
What I believe creates a healthy practice and is
merely at the heart of doing what is suitable for patients, is the patient-centered seek advice
from. This type of consult is designed to be able to the root of
the patient’s concerns and do all one can do to help them achieve their strengthening
aesthetic goals.

In this associated with population-based medicine we have all been told to do the minimal, but that
doesn’t change the simple fact that our patients are concerned using optimal health and results.
Olympic athletes do not win their particular contests by training towards the
minimum nor will all of our patients be served by providing the minimum.
Let’s examine an example of how population-based drugs is creeping into the test room in a way that is not fully understood by physicians yet has great impact
on the affected person (many similar examples show up
in medicine today):

The drug companies tell us that Plavix is mostly about 30% better than aspirin. What they do
not tell us is that it is relatively 30% better.

In definite terms it is about 1% better. What does this
mean? Well, in a study on CVA typically the relative risk
reduction was quoted as 25% though the absolute reduction was 0.
9 for ASA against 1 . 2 for Plavix or about 0. 3% (1). Now
Plavix fees $5. 00 per product and ASA is about $0.
05 so to the individual on a fixed income is the absolute difference of
0. 3% worth $4. 95 per day? Maybe, maybe not depending on many
factors. Certainly it may be worth the cost to society but society is not paying the bill…
the client on a fixed income is. This is the confusion between people based and individual medication. Some have
even strongly suggested taxing or eliminating Aesthetic procedures
to reduce overall health expenses in the US. This may help a
number of number followed by economists but is it serving the individual who might be
interested in a specific goal?

Just what exactly is the patient-centered consult? Treatments is complex and in particular, Aesthetic Medicine is elaborate, yet it
has been reduced for you to sound bites on TV.
Ads ask the question “Is it better than Botox? very well or “Is it a lot better than a Medical Peel?
micron yet they do not give the reply or any real helpful information. Patients have, in general, no reasonable idea of what can and is
not done for them. The patient-centered consult is an educational expertise for the patient that helps these individuals understand
what is realistic and what is not.

It starts along with gaining a detailed understanding of what patient’s concerns
are, not what treatments they are interested in. Most aesthetic patients can be found
in thinking they know what they desire. As an example many think needed an upper lid blepharoplasty but what they really need is
really a brow lift. Other are available in asking about fillers nevertheless really need
Botox or the other way round. The understanding of what they are concerned with is found not by questioning what they are interested
in but rather, what exactly their concerns are.

Most of us start in a conversational way.
Most often a patient will start by simply saying something like “I believe I need Botox right here. micron My answer is generally something like, “Well, that is
certainly something you can do, but what is it that creates you want
Botox? ” The following several questions are presented to helping the patient target the true issues behind the worries such as texture, tone, constriction, wrinkles, poor size, volume level etc .

I use a consult tool I call often the $10, 000 mirror. Looking for a simple hand mirror containing no magnification on one area and 3 to 5 times magnifying on the other. I hand it to the patient with the magnified side facing them. The particular interesting thing is that most men and women when given the reflect will start looking very intently at themselves and even begin picking and brushing from things on their face. When i have a checklist of items I actually ask them about. We have the checklist item by thing and discuss its impact on the overall appearance of the face. Once this is completed, We formulate a plan of all which can be done for them, that will include items I can do but also issues others may be able to do. As one example, I do not do encounter lifts, but if the result these are after is best served by a face-lift, I put that will on the plan. It is unusual that we don’t do nearly all of what they will benefit from.

9 04 2010

whatt ?

9 04 2010
Kadi : )

maha võetud ;o vms .

7 04 2010

Ma tahaks juba uusi uudiseid!

7 04 2010


7 04 2010

Mina iagatahes ei suuda praegu vesistamist lõpetada, armastan seda videot! 🙂

6 04 2010

Heheee- mis suu lahti jutt teil siin on? Päris hästi tehtud aga mind jättis külmaks, mulle meeldivad päris treilerid.

6 04 2010

Mind ka häirib et tal kogu aeg suu lahti on!

6 04 2010

Ohh.. nii armas .

5 04 2010

jajah , 😀 ma käin ka ringi suu täiesti lahti ,nagu haigutaks vm. 😀 Hsti paned B. 😀

5 04 2010

jhh , ega mul ka suu niiii lahti ei ole 😀

5 04 2010

Okei, olen siis ainuke keda häirib 🙂 Kuigi ma ei usu, et kellelgi NII palju suu lahti on kogu aeg. Aga väga armas video muidu 🙂

5 04 2010

gaazh, mul kogu aeg suu pärani. 😀

5 04 2010

Minu meelest parim fännivideo. Lihtsalt nii super. üikõva. Tekkis paar pisarat ka tänu sellele laulule eriti. Niii kurb… aga hea 😀

5 04 2010

algul vaatasin ma lihtsalt ,siis ilmus pisar silmanurka ja kui see läbi sai , hakkasin lihtsalt uluma . 😀 Väga hea video , aga ma ei soovi seda kindlasti mitte rohkem vaadata , emps vaatas ka mind eriti imelikult .:)
Minu arust suht savi , kas tal on suu lahti võimitte , kusjuures mul on ka päris tihti . ;D

5 04 2010

Minu arust see oli nii armas ja see meelis mulle rohkem kui päris treiler, kuigi see tekst mida nad vahepeal rääkisid oli halva kvaliteediga, aga muidu super!

5 04 2010

mul võttis küll pisara silma nurka 🙂
väga hästi tehtud

4 04 2010

Vauu!!!!! Kõige parem fännivideo mida ma näinud olen

4 04 2010
Itiiiii (RPattz (k))

Ilus .

4 04 2010

Barcelona- Please don’t go –on laulu nimi muidu.. Hea video ,!

4 04 2010
Heleen-100% TEAM EDWARD

Hea video…kurb küll jah…mind küll see ei häiri et Bellal/Kristenil suu lahti on…So what ???

5 04 2010

tegelikut on paljudel meist enamus aega suu lahti kuigi me ise seda vb tähele ei pane, mind küll ei häiri et ta suu lahti on minuarust on see kuidagi loomulik 😉

4 04 2010

Ma ei saa aru… miks Bellal/Kristenil kogu aeg peab suu lahti olema? Või olen ma ainus, keda see häirib?

4 04 2010
Bellu , team edward 110%

häztiii armas , ja kurbb .

4 04 2010

No ma ei tea…Minu meelest polnud see isegi mitte kurb!Äkki keegi seletaks millest seal üldse see sisu oli?

4 04 2010

Üli hea video

4 04 2010

Oih, vabandust, ei vaadanud lõpuni..nüüd nägin juba, mis kugu seal oli:)

4 04 2010

kas keegi saaks öelda, mis lugu seal mängib?:P

4 04 2010

no tõsiselt, nutma see mind küll ei ajanud ! see oli kurb, aga see oli ka asi mida me juba teadsime. Mida me teame, et nad saavad kokku tagasi jne. Kurb-aga mitte nutma ajav .!

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